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Welcome to Maldives! we have not only best offers of Maldives Hotels and Resorts with Maldives travel guide, travel agents to make your Maldives vacation an experience of sun sand and sea, but also providing information on places to visit, Maldives history, business guide to Maldives, up to date News , travel shop for those to equip with all neccessities to enjoy your stay in Maldives, also a Souvenir shop to buy Souvenirs from Maldives for your loved ones and for yourself to keep a lasting memory of your stay in . . . . . . . . . The Last Paradise .

Destination... Maldives

Bandos Island Resort is only a mere 7 kilometeres from the international airport and capital of the Maldives, yet a world away from the hubbub of the city life that you wish to leave behind. Among its many attractions are the lush tropical vegetation, swaying palm trees, transparent azure lagoons and one of the best house reefs in the world. This natural grandeur complimented by 5-star service and modern amenities, Bandos Island Resort is naturally a tropical haven that is both idealistic and comfortable – every holidaymaker’s utopia.

Maldives Resort Islands

The resorts in the Maldives are separate entities with their own amenities occupying whole islands. This provides the visitors the perfect opportunity to spend their holidays in a secluded place far from any maddening crowds.

All resorts have their own electricity, fresh drinking water and waste disposal facilities. Enjoy your stay in Maldives resorts with lush vegetation, pure white beaches and the azure blue lagoons typical of the Maldives.


The accommodation in the resorts varies from island to island. Some resorts may provide only thatched huts while others have air-conditioned rooms with satellite television. It is common that most resorts have some diverse accommodation to offer to suit the tastes of the visitors. All rooms have bathrooms and some resorts have them without roofs to give a feel of the traditional Maldivian gifili. Some resorts even have small gardens in such open-air bathrooms.


The food is as diverse as the accommodation. If the resort rates do not include the food then you ca dine in a good restaurant in the resort. Most resorts have more than one. These restaurants cater to tastes ranging from Oriental, Indian, Middle Eastern and Continental. Usually separate bars are found, with most resorts providing mini bars in the rooms. Coffee shops are an additional facility found in many resorts when you need a light snack or a drink.


The activities offered by different resorts also vary. However, generally Maldivian resorts cater to the needs of tourists with different tastes. For the relaxation and comfort of the sandy white beaches, one would not have to go far. Most islands have beaches close to the rooms. They are unpolluted and provide a panoramic view of the crystal clear lagoons that beckon you. These untouched beaches are the perfect place for you to practice the art of doing nothing. If the desire to take a dip is too over whelming, do not hesitate. The turquoise lagoons and the blue sea will definitely have a soothing effect on you.

Diving and Snorkeling

But the surprises are hidden under the surface. Don a mask and a pair of fins and you will get a glimpse of the treasures. But a mere snorkeling experience may not be what you really need. The deep is even better. The Maldives provides breathtaking underwater scenes. Divers can play along with rainbow coloured fish and caress the corals that make the Maldives a diver's fulfilled fantasy. Most resorts have dive schools and from where you can obtain the necessary equipment. They also offer diving trips with the assistance of qualified instructors.


For the sports enthusiasts a range of activities are offered including windsurfing, catamaran sailing, and water-skiing. Or if you prefer to have an exciting time on the island, table tennis, volleyball and tennis are for you. Once again, the facilities differ from one resort to the other.


The resorts can also arrange excursions like visiting uninhabited islands, fishing trips, night fishing, visiting inhabited islands to see the lifestyle of the local people and even a visit to the capital island Male.

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